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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Obama feels the Pinch!

I feel sorry for President Elect Obama. The man is trying to govern from a "centrist" position and take into account that there are a broad spectrum of interests who need to be represented. Already though, the moaning from the Radical Left has begun. ABC News reports that members of that fun little cabal are upset with some of the President-Elect's recent decisions.

The National Organization for Women thinks that 5 cabinet positions occupied by women are not enough and has taken Obama to task for not being closer to the 56% that represented his voting bloc of women during the election. Says Kim Gandy of NOW, "All of the women who supported President-elect Obama and Vice President Joe Biden believe that they are supporters of women's rights and had hoped for and expected some more tangible evidence of that in the Cabinet picks."

Angry NOW ladies??...don't envy Obama on that one.

Obama's decision to ask Pastor Rick Warren to give the invocation at the Presidential inauguration has drawn the criticism of People for the American Way. Pastor Warren is the author of multi-million selling book, Purpose Driven Life which has been (despite my impression that it was a bit trite) a great blessing to many Americans. He is described as a moderate who is also passionate about social issues especially combating AIDS in Africa.

So why the controversy?

He believes that sodomy and homosexuality is not such a good thing...which puts him most likely in the same camp as every other minister giving a presidential invocation since the founding of the country. Not good enough says Marge Baker, Executive Director of PftAW, " Warren's rhetoric marginalizes and dehumanizes and inflicts a great deal of pain on a lot of people out there," said Baker. "It seems contrary to the values that Obama had been talking about."

Angry gays? Don't envy Obama on that one either.

The article goes on to say how the environmentalists are not happy with the appointment of Tom Vilsack as Agriculture Secretary. Among other things says Jim Harkness, president of the Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy, "We're... very concerned about how Vilsack tried to limit local governments to control the type of farming that goes on under their jurisdiction."

Stop the Presses! He wants to let farmers decide to farm what they like rather than what the government tells them to??

Angry environmentalists? Ouch, really don't envy Obama on that one.

As President-Elect Obama moves from being candidate to President, he will feel increasing heat from single issue advocacy groups who feel they are not receiving their "fair share" after "delivering" the presidency to him.

Hey, anyone who can tick off the radical feminists, the radical homosexuals, AND the radical environmentalists before he even becomes the President needs to be given at least a little credit from the Radical Right!

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Bob said...

I am a big fan of Warren's, not for Purpose Driven Live, which I have never read, but for the stands he takes while still loving his neighbor and not pandering to any particular group. He and Obama share a common belief that varying opinions can come together for the common good. This Republican finds that encouraging. And the fact that Obama has managed to piss off the groups you described? That just increases his stock value for me. Good post.