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Friday, February 20, 2009

You really can't make this stuff up!!

Muzzammil Hassan came to America from Pakistan 25 years ago. Living the American Dream as a successful banker, Hassan and his wife, Aasiya Zubair Hassan began to get frustrated with the portrayal of Muslims in the American media. In 2004 they decided to form Bridge TV "aimed at overcoming the negative stereotypes associated with the religion." Said Hassan, ""There should be a Muslim media so that Muslim children growing up in America grow up with the self-confidence and high self-esteem about their identity both as Americans and as Muslims.

A noble vision, and in the last five years Bridge TV has served to challenge negative stereotypes of not only Muslims, but other minority groups in America.

However, the relationship between the Hassans crumbled and Aasiya filed for divorce from her husband. These things unfortunately happen in America and Muzzammil Hussan did what any American husband would do when faced with a wife wanting to divorce him.

He went to where she was staying and chopped her head off!!

I told you, you can't make this stuff up. Hassan calmly then proceeded to the police department and informed the authorities of what he did.

This guy is upset with the way Americans view Muslims and then goes out and beheads his wife???

Furthermore, an employee in the CNN article who was interviewed asked not to be named because of retribution. Which has me wondering, "Who is out there that is going to get this guy."

If this event wasn't so tragic it would be laughable, but it isn't. Instead of helping to overcome the negative perceptions Americans can often have of foreigners, Muzzammil Hassan's actions have served only to fuel them.

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