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Monday, August 3, 2009


I think every husband has faced it at some point. You flop down on the couch with a cold beer in your hand and begin to watch some sports on TV. Its been a long day and you confidently put your feet up on the coffee table with the cool feel of satisfaction. All seems peaceful and perfect.

And then she appears!

She's standing in the doorway...eyes glaring with lasers that seem to bore right through you. Your heart rate quickens...your breathing becomes shallow...a sweat bead forms on your brow.

Its your wife...and she ain't happy!

"Surely there is something more productive you could be doing around this house than sitting on the couch and watching TV" she announces with that tone which causes panic to grip the soul of any man married for any length of time. "There's dirty dishes in the sink, a broken fixture in the bathroom, laundry to be hung...yada...yada...yada" (At this point it becomes the sound made by Charlie Brown's teacher)

No doubt thats how President Obama must have felt this week during his much publicized "Beer Summit" with Professor Henry Louis Gates and police officer James Crowley when he attempted to clean up some of the damage he brought on himself with his ill advised input into a local law enforcement situation.

No sooner had the three men sat down over some suds to work out their disagreement (AS MEN DO!!) than Mrs. Jan Larimer, co-Chair for the Republican National Committee, laid into the President for the boy time when surely he had more productive things to do around the White House. Says Larimer, "We are at war and Barack Obama is talking about beer in the White House" and then went on to say, "the president needs to focus on more important issues."


I have already blogged on my criticism of Obama and his "acted stupidly" comment and knew the moment he said it, he was in trouble. But for crying out loud, if the President of the United States wants to sit down with a couple guys and work out some issues over a cold beer, he should be able to do it without some nagging man OR woman breathing down his neck.

Besides, if the President is busy relaxing with the guys, it means he's not spending money we don't have on things we can't afford!

Anyhow...thats all I have to say about that...Cheers!

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Bob said...

Couldn't have said it better myself! That lady could find something better to be doing with her time as well, like figuring out how the Republicans might regain some of their lost ground.

BTW, Obama had a Bud Lite, Crowley had a Blue Moon, Gates had a Sam Adams and Biden, a non-drinker, had a Buckler's.