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Sunday, November 8, 2009

I See Four Lights!!!

In George Orwell's 1984, the protagonist, Winston Smith, is captured and tortured by the State towards the end of the story. As part of his re-education he is shown 4 lights and is asked how many lights he sees. "I see four lights" he responds.

Wrong! He is told he MUST see five lights. Over time he is conditioned so that he finally sees five lights. Its not enough that he says there are five lights, he has to see and believe it to be true.

Watching TV lately I have come to feel more and more like Winston Smith all the time. I feel I am being conditioned to believe something to be true that I know is not.

Today Tammy and I were watching a new TV series we have started to enjoy called Flash Forward. If you haven't seen it, it's about what happens when the whole world blacks out for a couple minutes and everyone experiences a premonition of the future. In a nutshell, its been pretty cool.

Today one of the characters, who is a lesbian, has a date with another lady. OK, we think, "This is the 2000's" its something we have to endure occasionally. Then one of them starts talking about doing a "three way" with Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. I start thinking, "Are you kidding me" This is not a rented movie, or even cable...this is network TV that my 11 year old son watches with me. Then both girls go back to one of the girl's places where they begin to seriously "go for each other". Wow!! Lesbians making out.

What used to be restricted to the back aisle porn section of the video store is now front and center on network TV. Would someone explain how we went in fifty years from Lucy and Ricky sharing separate beds and not being able to say the word "pregnant" over the air to lesbian sex?

And then I realized they won't do this yet with guys yet because its still to creepy but girls...thats a little more palatable. Ten years ago this would never have been allowed...ten years from now? Mmmmmm

I'm being conditioned!

I know something is wrong, but they are telling me its right. I know there are four lights but they are going to keep at me until I see five. Its not enough that I say there are five lights, I have to believe it!

But they won't get me and you know why?

Because I see four lights!


Paul said...

I see four lights too!

Redlefty said...

Weren't Lucy and Ricky in separate beds a "five lights" tactic too?

Steve H. said...


No, I would disagree with that. When Lucy & Ricky were on, television was new and a new guest in our homes. Like any guest they were on their best behaviour and made sure nothing would offend us.
Like a vampire though, once the invitation was given, the monster entered our home freely and started slowly sucking our life blood. :)

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