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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Good Bye Ernie

I had tears this week! I came home from a two week trip to Turkey to discover that famed Detroit Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell had succumbed to a year long battle of cancer. When the news first came up on the computer screen a lump formed in my throat and my eyes began to well up.

I had never met Ernie Harwell and if truth be told, I don't think I even ever saw him in person. However, both myself and millions of other native Detroiters felt he was part of their immediate family. You see, Detroit is a baseball town and for more than 40 years Harwell was the play by play announcer for the Detroit Tigers.

His was the voice I heard blaring from the garage as my dad worked on the car. His was the voice I heard while tagging along with my grandpa as he worked out on his farm. And his was the voice my 10 year old ears fell asleep to on a transistor radio during a night game. Yes, he was the "voice of summer" to Detroiters over the age of 30. We took him with us to the beach, on picnics, and around town as we drove about our business. Yes...the Motor City has lost a family member this week.

Whats more was that he was a "salt of the earth" human being who was happily married to his wife Lulu for 68 years and was involved with a number of charities. He had a love for God as well and because of that my sorrow is curbed knowing he is now with his Lord and that one day I will hear him call the play by play again for a baseball game on a summer day in a much better place...

...until then Ernie,'ll be greatly missed!

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Bob said...

Great tribute, Steve. Amazing how guys like this could make you feel like you were there, even when all you could do was listen.