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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"So which guy is Daniel Amos?"

A few years back I was at The Ark Bible bookstore in Denver Colorado. Being one of those really big Christian stores with a large music selection, I was hoping to get some classic Christian music I had on vinyl that I knew had been re-released on CD.

The young attendant came up as I perused the stacks of cellophane and plastic and asked, "Can I help you?"

"Yeah," I answered, "do you have any Daniel Amos ?"
The guy just looked at me confused so I elaborated, "You know, like do you have Alarma, Doppleganger, or even Horrendous Disc?

Again, the guy looked perplexed and asked, "What's the guy's name again? I can look him up on the computer," as he strolled back to the safety of the counter.

"Ugh", I thought, "This is like going into Tower Records and asking where the Pink Floyd CDs are and being told they had never heard of Mr. Floyd but would be happy to look him up in the database."

"Its not a guy, its the band's name", I remarked as the guy starting tapping keys in a way that suggested he was much more familiar with computers than with music.

"Ah" he said triumphantly and made a dash for a corner section of the store where he proceeded to flick threw a stack to produce the one CD they had which was the re-issue of their (thankfully) short foray into country music back in 1978, Shotgun Angel. "Thanks...but no" I said.

Its funny how little today's young(er) Christians don't know some of the classic artists that has shaped Christian music for the last 40 years. I mean not every teen likes Led Zeppelin (although they should) but most would at least know who you are talking about.

I remarked a couple weeks ago to a young Christian 20 something that I had just ordered a documentary on Larry Norman from Amazon.

He gave me that quizzical look.

"You know, Larry Norman, the Father of Christian Rock."

Nope...didn't know him.

Still another time I was watching a DVD on the life of Keith Green with a church home group and they quickly panned to Randy Stonehill reminiscing on Keith's life. I think I commented something like "Randy is ageing well" and a young guy in the room asked, "Who is Randy Stonehill."

The young man asking was a pastor.

OK, I know I'm just showing my age but the music these guys created shaped a generation of Christian believers. Together with some great ministers of the day they helped usher in a movement of God we now look back fondly at as the "Jesus Movement"

Anyhow, maybe its worth it to take a look back occasionally because sometimes to know where you are going, it helps to know where you have been!

(P.S. This post was inspired by Brooke's post on the 200 greatest Christian Rock albums of all time which you can find here)


Brook said...

Even nearly 20 years ago, when I went into Dickson's to find some DA, I asked the guy if they had anything by Daniel Amos (hands down the hardest group name to explain to someone not familiar). He said no. I looked for myself and found Darn Floor Big Bite. I said yes you do, right here. he said no, that's a different group, da. and like you, I said Ugh.

I also said Ugh at the thought of you saying no to Shotgun Angel. not that I like it or anything, but it's kind of a valuable collector's item. you could've banked some buck on that little find. I sold my copy for a hundred bucks quite a few years ago!

I was also pretty peeved when CCM magazine barely acknowledged Larry's passing. that should have been front cover material, especially as it was their last print issue.

anyway, thanks for stopping by to check out the list and for the mention. any thoughts on it? like did I miss anything important or put something in there that made you wonder what the heck was I thinking? my 70's CCM knowledge is pretty weak. I want to make a better list, more objective, at some point soon.

Redlefty said...

Oops, guilty here!

I don't even follow today's Christian music but I don't know anything about those bands or musicians you mentioned. I humbly accept your criticism. :)

Andrew said...

My best memory is knowing that Doppleganger was coming out and perpetually calling Dicksons to see if it was in yet.

Then one morning the phone rang. Jeff Hoffer's voice was on the other end.

"It's in"


A bunch of us piled in the car and sped to Dickson's. Other folks were there too and we sat out in the parking lot listening to it.

Anonymous said...

The Dickson's on Woodward, in Detroit?

Craig Van

Steve H. said...

No worries was a different time.

Craig (Andy correct me if I'm wrong) but we rushed off to the Dickson's on Rochester Rd and 15 mile...but that was 30 years ago

Andrew said...

I "think" it was on Van Dyke....

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