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Friday, October 8, 2010

Gun totin' 7-yr olds!

Couldn't believe this when I read it but a school board in Broward County Florida has upheld a school expulsion for a seven year old boy who brought a toy gun to school!

A lot has been written about abuses that would occur if the "radical Right" are in political power; the incident in Broward County shows what happens when the Left controls things;

...a toy gun is classified as an A-1 firearm. 

The crazy part was that after the school expelled the student under their zero tolerance policy the school board upheld the expulsion.  You think that if one level of crazy had been hurdled, someone higher up would say, "Maybe its not such a good idea for kicking a 7-year old out of school for a year for bringing in a toy."  But no, it would appear the level of crazy in Broward is multiple and many faceted.

But the far Left mind, like its close cousin the far Right, is not a rational organ.  How does this mind think you ask?  How could this happen?  Let me tell you a story:

Once when I was living in Boulder Colorado (the Mothership for people on the Left) I was attending the Boulder Creek Festival with the family.  Gabriel was about 5 at the time and wanted a toy wooden gun that was being sold at one of the booths there.  He was walking around playing with it when a lady came up to me and chastised me saying, "You let you son play with guns?"  I must admit I was caught off guard and simply responded, "Well, its not a real gun.  Its a wooden toy with a big orange plastic thing on the end."
She responded in tempered disgust, "The negative energy he is shooting is just as bad as real bullets."

Now you understand...

I'm a school administrator now...I have an idea of how to handle things.  Last year after class a teacher came to me with a student that had brought a pocket knife to school.  (I was the campus coordinator so these things came to me).  I asked him why he brought it.  He said it was new and he wanted to show his friends. 

Hey, I was a boy too and I remember what it was like.

  I took the knife from the teacher and told the student knives were not allowed, that he could collect it after school from me, and if I ever saw it again he wouldn't be getting it back.  No hysteria, no expulsions, no meetings with parents, counselors, and police.  Just common sense!

By the way, I'd like to take this opportunity to announce my candidacy for the 2012 presidential election...


Bob said...

And tell me where I can send my application to be your campaign manager. I tried to get Rahm Emmanuel's old job but didn't make it through the first round of interviews . . .

Steve H. said...

Thanks Bob...thats 2 votes!! We're on our way!

angelphish in co said...

This makes me so angry, and as a mom of a boy, more than a little scared!

Hello common sense!!

Redlefty said...

Based on who will probably be running, you got my vote as well.