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Saturday, February 26, 2011

And the Oscar Goes To....

Living in Hong Kong is great...but its not conducive to throwing a good Oscar party.  To throw a party for the Sunday evening event in Los Angeles would mean an early Monday morning here....not so good!   Now Colorado, there was a place to throw a party for Oscar night.  The Red Carpet would kick off about 5:00 and the whole thing would be done by about 9:00...making work on Monday morning bearable!

Anyhow, the local Hong Kong station will air the awards Monday evening here and I'll invite a few film loving friends over to see if we can recapture the magic.  We'll play "Oscar Bingo" where everyone gets a bingo card filled with random, sometimes crazy, events that always seem to happen at the awards.  As we see them occur we mark them off on the card.  But the real focus will be on whether our favorites of the year will win...or Black Swan

So my thoughts on some of the key movies nominated this year:

The Fighter:   True story of boxer Micky Ward's (Mark Walburg) struggle to overcome adversity which comes in the form of his white trash family including his cocaine addicted half-brother / trainer Dicky (Christian Bale).  With the help of  the girl (Amy Adams)  and a little grit though  he becomes champ.  Boxer movies like this are always Oscar favorites and with the strong performances of the cast I imagine some gold will be brought home on Sunday night.

True Grit: Jeff Bridges did what few could do and thats step into a role made iconic by John Wayne...and he does a good job!  What I found a little disappointing was Matt Damon who I usually enjoy in just about every role he's in...except this one.  For some reason when Glen Campbell (who had the role in the original film) compares favorably with an actor of Damon's caliber, you know something ain't clicking.  The kid was pretty good to but is it just me, or was she just getting on my nerves by the end?

The Kids are All Right  Closeted heterosexual Julianne Moore is in a struggling homosexual marriage with Anette Benning.  She strikes up an affair with their children's sperm doner father played by Mark Ruffalo.  Unfortunately society today is just not ready for heterosexuals to find true love in these situations and she dutifully goes back to her family.  Annette Benning gives a strong performance as always and I would not be surprised if she took home a statue.

The Social Network:  Unbelievable that a movie about how Facebook got started could be this good.  Chalk it up to an airtight script penned by Aaron Sorkin (for which he will most likely get a screenplay award)
If you haven't seen need to.

Black Swan:  Natalie Portman plays an innocent ballet star who develops a REALLY dark side during a production of Swan Lake.  Her acting level is incredible but the movie itself is the type of pretentious nonsense film that always seems to find a place at awards time.  I admit I only got half way through the movie before I stopped it and read the plot ending on Wikipedia.  Life is too short and there are good films yet to be viewed.

The King's Speech:  I'll admit it, movies like The King's Speech are like oxygen to Anglophiles like myself. Colin Firth as the stuttering King George V, and Geoffrey Rush as his unorthodox speech therapist has become the front runner for...well...just about everything.  Amazing movie and if it wins, it will be well deserved.

Toy Story 3 & Inception:  Neither one of these films have a chance of winning but the expansion of the Best Movie category to ten nominated films gives these two movies some of the attention and accolades they deserve.  I loved both of them!

Anyhow, we'll see how things turn out Sunday night.  Feel free to comment on some of your favorite films of the year!


Bob said...

I am not near the film aficianado that you are but I have seen True Grit, The King's Speech and Toy Story 3. Love the latter two and liked TG. King's Speech should win. Colin Firth should also win Best Actor.

Steve H. said...

I'm with you Bob, I "liked" True Grit but loved Toy Story 3 and The King's Speech.

angelphish in co said...

Ummmmm, where's your review of the actual awards show? I was really looking forward to some (hopefully scathing) commentary.

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