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Friday, April 15, 2011

My Big Fat Greek Weddi....I mean adventure! (Pt. 1)

The Plaza in Corinth where Paul preached
Hi all, I'm writing this post from a little hotel in the village of Olympia where the first Olympic games were held in Greece.  I'm on a 2 week tour of the country that is known "for being the "cradle of Democracy" with 27 students from our schools in Hong Kong and Shanghai.  I'm pressed for time but wanted to update the blog so some thoughts:

 * I fly a fair bit and can say Turkish Airlines is one of the best airlines I've ever flown.  In economy class there were literally hundreds of TV shows, movies etc to watch on your personal screen.  (It took me nearly 20 minutes to cycle through just the movie selections)  For economy class the food was very tasty but the slam dunk for me was the fact that after they made the obligatory anouncement of no electronic devices during takeoff and landing...they ignored it.  Deep down they just knew my 4 gig ipod was just not going to flummix the navigational system of a Airbus A350 that still smelled like new car.

* I am realizing I just LOVE the food of the Medditeranian cultures.  In less than 12 months I have been to Turkey, Italy, and now Greece and although there are certainly differences in their cusines there are some commonalities that I have just fallen in love with.  The salads, olives, breads, cheese....I swear after just 6 days I have eaten the equivilent of a whole lamb.  This morning I had "├Âlive bread".  How genius to take two of my favorite things, olives and bread, and put them together in a delicious mash-up.  Of the cusines around the world, I think this culinary region is my favorite.

*It is awe inspiring to stand in places where so much history was made.  The Acropolis, Mars Hill (where the Apostle Paul addressed the Athenians) and the stadium in Olympia where the first Olympic games were held.  I particularly liked walking through the plaza of Corinth thinking this is where Paul preached and was persecuted.

Ooops the bus is leaving soon...this will have to be Part 1

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