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Monday, June 13, 2011

Macau trip post lost!

Had one of those crazy computer glitches last week.  I'd been on a roll trying to keep up with the blog posts here at Beyond the Pale and a few days back I spent about an hour writing a post on my recent trip to Macau.  It included anecdotes of a good time spent there as well as a little history of the 500 year old former Portuguese colony for those readers not from Hong Kong or China
Alas, when I had the photos correct and the post just the way I wanted it, I hit "Publish Post"...and then whole computer froze!  A sudden panic turned to relief thinking that blogpost saves regularly and the loss, if any, should be minimal.  Re-booting the computer however proved otherwise.  For some reason, nothing was saved...and for those of you saying, "Did you try such and such"  the answer is "Yes, I did...and it didn't help" 

My wonderful blog post detailing our stay at the Hard Rock Hotel, exotic dinner at Fernandoes, and the Vegas style extravaganza show "House of the Dancing Water" was forever lost into the digital abyss.  The thought of trying to recreate it was too depressing a thought to contemplate. 

Actually, I was furious... but rather than pounding on my desk like a madman and using language that my mother would disapprove of, I went to the gym and had an amazing work out. Now after avoiding this blog for the last 5 or 6 days....I'm back!  Here are the pictures from the post you never got to see

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