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Friday, August 12, 2011

Dylan Ratigan's Rant and President Obama's failed leadership

There is a Shakespearean sentiment that is brewing within America.  Republicans and Democrats alike have been completely ineffective in dealing with the economic crisis that is beginning to jeopardize, at least the perception, of America's place in the world and for that reason the American people seem to be unified in declaring " A Curse on both your Houses" towards their elected representatives.

That sentiment was expressed admirably (and quite passionately) by MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan where he exploded in a video clip that has gone viral on the internet:

Those of you that follow Beyond the Pale know that I have tried to be a Republican that refrains from bashing President Obama simply because he exists. In fact I often take a bit of heat from my GOP cohorts for not seeing past his nice guy, family loving, reasonable mannerisms smokescreen to the Kenyan born, socialist / fascist anti-Christ he obviously least to them.

But I gotta say it... America needs a leader right now and President Obama just ain't doin what needs to be done.

When President Reagan talked about America being the greatest country on Earth and that our best days were ahead of us he meant it. It oozed out of the very fiber of his DNA and we all caught what he had. Like the classic line from When Harry Met Sally we looked at the Gipper on TV and said, "we'll have what he's having."

When President Obama talks about American greatness however it seems like its something he knows you want him to say and although he'd like to help, see... his hands are tied.

I wrote in 2008 that one of my fears of Obama was that we were electing another Jimmy Carter. Carter was a nice guy but an ineffective President who created a depressed state of affairs for America. Likewise, Obama has that nice guy thing which really helped get him elected (as did Carter) but is increasingly demonstrating the lack of ability to lead the American people with any sense of conviction or urgency.

Mike Barnacle on the MSNBC show Morning Joe says it best in this short clip where he seems perplexed and frustrated by Obama's apparent inability to say and do what needs to be done:

For all of our sakes, lets hope the President and the Congress get their acts together soon...


Chad said...

I'm a friend of your brother, Andy. I really appreciate your post as I think it communicates what a lot of us Obama supporters feel. Thanks for communicating in a way that doesn't make me want to throw up my defenses and start verbally swinging.

Logan said...

Well said Steve. Obama is supposed to be the Leader of the Free World...and yet he hasn't displayed ANY leadership. FDR and Truman would be rolling over the in the graves. I wish he would do something-anything-just lead already!!

I watched the Republican debate last night...not impressed with any of the lot...but I have to say that I'm done with Mr. Obama...he has failed to act when action was called for.

Bob said...

Well said, Steve. I have changed so much over the past several years, to the point that I no longer consider myself a Republican but an independent voter . . . BUT I am beginning to wonder if maybe Obama is in over his head? Maybe being a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER really wasn't the requisite experience he needed to be president?

If the economy doesn't make a significant rebound, he really might be a one term prez. Of course we're still about 15 months away from the next election which, in the context of American politics, is a lifetime.

Steve H. said...

Chad: Thanks for the kind words

Logan: Agree with you that the Republicans are not putting their best out there

Bob: Yes, I said many times what a first term Senator had on his resume that made him the man to lead the country? Of course my Dem friends would answer as they took a sip from the Kool-Aid... :)

Anonymous said...

You people are deluded if you think Obama was ever put into office to 'lead'.
Obviously a sheep in sheep's clothing pretending he could behave like a wolf (if<?! and) when times asked it of him.
He was placed into office..
for this very reason.
Smellin the coffee and the corny flakies ?
All the best to your great country.

Liam B said...

I applied my name and URL to that last comment and for some reason it resulted in "anonymous".
My name's Liam B.
And URL.. I dunno actually.