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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chris Christie: Please...Please run for President!!

Chris Christie probably won't run...but I sure hope he does.  Up until now I've been somewhat behind Mitt Romney.  One because he has increasingly impressed me in his debate performances and second because most of the the rest of the Republican field are a public embarrassment.

Watching Christie talk though I realize this guy means what he says.  Everyone else, Obama included, seem like they have just been given a cue card to read from.  No strength, no passion...  I was beginning to think men of courage no longer ran for President.  Well since he is still sitting on the fence, maybe they don't.

When the rest of the Republican candidates invoke Reagan it seems depressing.  They want the mantle but on them it hangs like an ill fitting leisure suit.  When Christie talks about America he doesn't have to invoke Reagan...he's already living it.  I listen to him and think, "I want what he's having."

I think Romney could be a good president but Chris Christie has the potential to be a great one.

At the same time I would be remiss if I forgot to mention our favorite Grizzly Mama, Sarah Palin, said she is still considering running for President.  Oh, I do wish she would. She could say some random silly things, make us all giggle, give Saturday Night Live some choice material, and then maybe...if we're all really, really lucky...she'll just go away!

But that may be to much to hope for!

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Bob said...

Couldn't agree more. But there is still plenty of time for him, especially if he'll lose some weight.

I like to think that he's honoring the commitment he made to the people of New Jersey (unlike Grizzly Mama you reference, who gave the people of Alaska the finger and went for the big bucks of doing whatever it is she does now).