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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl 2012: Hong Kong Style

 Spent a Tim Tebow-less Super Bowl in Hong Kong watching one of the most exciting, nail biting, last minute cliff hanging games in a long while.  Too often in Super Bowls past the game looked pretty well wrapped up by half-time but not so with the New York Giants late 4th quarter win over the New England Patriots.

I spent the game with friends at the Hong Kong Brew House in Lan Kwai Fong and because of the time difference the bar featured American Breakfast for HK$ 138 (US $ 16) which in included the traditional eggs, choice of meat, hash browns, toast, and the option of coffee, tea,...or beer.  (I went with the coffee at 7:30 AM)

The pub itself seemed totally unprepared for the event although they had told me the day before that it would be a full house.  The service was painfully slow and (true story), when the waitress asked us how we wanted our eggs, 3 of us replied "scrambled" and the girl in our party asked for "sunny side up".  The waitress returned with 4 plates of scrambled eggs.  When our friend corrected the waitress that she had ordered "sunny side" eggs the waitress looked confused (embarrassed?) and replied, "Sorry, we're all out of those."

Out of Sunny side eggs! (That became our comic relief the whole game. "Hey, do you think the sunny-side eggs have arrived yet?")

The fact that I received white toast instead of the whole wheat as I ordered seemed like a small issue compared to the chaos of service all around.  One guy at our table waited for an hour to get his coffee.  Then I got a second cup of coffee but I think they switched to "instant".  (Had they run out of real coffee?)  I took two sips and then let the rest sit.  When the bill came they tried to charge me HK$ 34 (US$ 5) for the worst cup of coffee (in a cheap paper cup) I'd had in a long time.

I don't usually complain but I made it politely clear I wouldn't be paying for that one...and I didn't.

Couple other points:

* was it just me or was Madonna's half time set all show and little substance?  There was alot of effects and cool stuff but I thought the Material Girl herself looked a little weak.  (Was she lip syncing?)

* Lenny Kravitz was amazing and should have done the whole show

* The live feed from America we were watching in the bar eliminated all the cool Super Bowl commercials so we were subjected to forgetful ads showing us the joys of staying at a particular hotel in Bali.  I'll have to see some of the good commercial;s I missed on the web.

Anyhow, Eli Manning pulled it out over Tom Brady and I lost HK$ 100 because of it!  :)  Nevertheless a good time was had by all!

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Bob said...

Must be quite an experience watching a Super Bowl over breakfast!