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Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm on a Book Roll Now: Reading Pete Rollin's "Insurrection"

In my last post I mentioned how I hadn't finished a "Christian" book in 10 years.  Even my wife was surprised when she read that.  Now, don't misunderstand, I've started a number over the years but for whatever reason, they lay half finished somewhere...and a few had some good things to say.

For whatever reason though (Holy Spirit anyone?), Zahnd's book Beauty will Save the World awakened something in me that was laying a little dormant...

...the sleeper must awaken.... (movie quote test for the film buffs)

Now I'm on a roll.  The Harvest Show (which is one of the few Christian shows I can enjoy because it assumes the audience has at least half a brain) ... anyhow, The Harvest Show which introduced me to Brian Zahnd just  had Peter Rollins on for an interview. ..and like Zahnd, I had never heard of him.

Rollins is an Irish Christian author, teacher, and self proclaimed "barroom philosopher".  And I began asking myself the age old question, "Why when the Irish speak of the things of God, does it  just sound so much cooler?"...Could it be because of Bono?

Anyhow, I've picked up Rollins latest book called "Insurrection: To Believe is Human, to Doubt is Divine"  I'm only about 20% into the book right now but Rollins has a great insight into what Christ suffered on the cross and how, if we are to be crucified with him as Paul extols, we need to share in that experience.

The story that we tell ourselves that makes sense of the world and gives it meaning was torn from Christ.  The religious system conspired for his execution, the political system (Rome) provided the means, and he was betrayed and deserted by those he loved.  In the Garden on the night before the crucifixion, Jesus chose the Father's will and gave up everything for God.

On the cross...He loses even God.  "My God, My God, Why have you forsaken Me?"

Rollins is not for the feint of heart but he brings a valuable perspective to the church.

And he's going to have written the 2nd Christian book I've read in its entirety in about 10 years.


Bob said...

Enjoyed this and your last post, Steve, and look forward to some good reading.

Michael said...

The movie answer is Dune! And I seem to be one of the few who actually liked it and wasn't bothered by the changes to the
book details.

I'm with Bob in looking forward to what is being sparked in you.

Steve H. said...'ve passed the movie quote quiz! I'm with you as well, I loved the movie AND the book.

And yes to both of "spark" will be evident. Trying to decide whether to start a new blog focused entirely on spiritual / Christian issues etc.