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Monday, April 9, 2012

"Let's Bring Heaven to Earth"...Bono

For a while I had been wondering what has been happening with Bill Hybels from Willow Creek. Seemed in the 1990's we were all reading his books and watching his teachings. Haven't heard from him as much these days...

Well, I perused YouTube looking for whats been happening with Bill lately and found a great interview he had with U 2's Bono. They both look a little younger so I'm not sure when the interview occurred but when I see it I get excited. I see a church that is beginning to "get it"! 

A church that that God applauds because we are doing for the "least of these" as unto Jesus Christ himself

A church that is not as concerned with:

  • getting a particular political candidate elected
  • church buildings and construction projects as it is with "living stones"
  • leading social agenda crusades that do nothing to demonstrate Christ's love
  • enforcing the "law" as it is with the dispensing of Grace

 But rather a church that brings the love that Christ first showed us to the world!

 And just think, when its all over, we get to go to a really great U2 concert in heaven!

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