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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 0: St. Bees

Our friends Mark and Christine drove us from their place near the Wales border all the way up to the Coast to Coast starting point in St. Bees.

Of course it would't be a trip through merry old England without a side trip of some form. Our side trip came in the form of a stop to visit The Beatles Story museum in Liverpool. Gabriel is a HUGE Beatles fan but I had been telling him for weeks that we would not be able to stop in Liverpool on the way up as we were under a time crunch. Mark and Christine though thought it was doable but we decided to surprise him until the last minute. As we approached Liverpool he looked at me and I said, " Mark, is there anything you want to tell Gabriel?" Mark replied, " Thought we'd pop into Liverpool and see The Beatles museum". Yep, Gabriel was a happy.

After a tour of the lives of the Fab Four we were then off to ST. Bees. The rain hit just as we arrived in pulled into our B&B, The Stone Farm house. Dinner was at the Queens hotel up the road and we mostly settled on Fish and Chips except for Gabriel who got the Toad in the Hole. Jennings Bitter on tap and then we topped the evening off with a stroll down to the sea where we would begin the walk the following morning.

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