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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Addicted to I Tunes

Since moving to China, the availability of English speaking TV shows have taken a bit of a nose dive. I always knew people that watched TV on their computer either by streaming or download, but that always seemed a little inefficient to me when all you had to do was turn on the TV and flick through 100 channels. Besides, my internet usage at home consisted of me manipulating my laptop in strategic postions to catch my neighbor's wireless signal and get my e-mail out.

Now I'm in China and frankly am quite happy to be (mostly) TV free. However, we have discovered some shows that we enjoy watching as a family that are available on I-Tunes. Like any addiction, it starts out small. An episode of "Friends" here, a Travel Channel selection there. (Ironically, I download almost no music)

Soon though, its not enough. You begin to experiment. "I've always heard about such and such a show...think I'll give it a try" And like any good dealer, the first one (in this case, the pilot episode) is free. After trying an episode of Jon Faverau's "Dinner for Five" I immediately downloaded another...and then another...the next thing I knew, I downloaded the whole season telling myself, "I'm saving money this way". Like many people say, "The more I buy, the more I save" mmmm....yeah...right!!

Now last night, I discovered I-Tunes University. Its the section with college lectures and documentaries from all over the country on every subject imaginable...and they are free! For an ENTP personality type, this is like winning the lottery. (Believe me, I had a much more witty line in my head on that one but in the interest of not offending anyone, and more importantly my Lord, I scaled it down a bit :)

Last night I downloaded lectures on Astronomy, Theology, Politics, and Art as well as documentaries on presidents Reagan, Carter, and Nixon...all for Free!!! I never have to leave the house again. Did you know that because of a velocity of 6,141 MPH, the first stage of the Apollo / Saturn V rocket would climb another 30 miles unpowered after separation, eventually falling into the Atlantic Ocean 350 miles out from the launch pad? Amazing!

Excuse me though, I have to leave. Tammy is calling me for my 12-step recovery program now.

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Paul said...

Whoa - that's so cool about the Saturn V rocket! And important to know too. You never can tell when stuff like that could be relevant in an emergency.