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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Life on Mars axed!

Ok, I'm a little irritated! One of my favorite TV shows was just cancelled and I want to sound off. In an earlier post I mentioned some of the new shows this fall season that I thought were pretty good.

I have watched one by one as they have all been cancelled. First My Own Worst Enemy, then Eli Stone, and now the one that really disappoints me, Life on Mars.

Life on Mars had it all; Cool cops with 1970s clothes, 1970s attitudes, 1970s political incorrectness, 1970s soundtrack mixed with Harvey Keitel, time travel, and tiny little nano robots. Cripe! its a crying shame that this show gets axed and idiot reality shows that play to the lowest level of our society get promoted.

Word on the street though is that the ABC execs liked the show even though they killed it and are giving them until the end of the season to wrap up the story line.

I know this is just gripeing, and considering the real pain going on in the world, this type of post seems trite.

But gosh dang I love good story telling...and the story I was listening to just got cancelled. :)

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angelphish in co said...

Rumor has it Chuck is in danger of the ax as well as Fringe (which is fantastic if you haven't seen it) and Life. *Sigh* Everytime I see a list of the most popular shows on TV none of mine are listed (except CSI, of course), which is sad and very weird. But then, I'm just not that into reality crap.

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