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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tony Blair on Christianity

"Sometimes I think we as Christians are more sensitive than we should be" explained former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in a recent interview to the Daily Telegraph.

I remember watching the funeral of Princess Diana. Tony Blair got up to read a portion of the Bible and the way he read it I thought, "He believes what he's reading" I suspected then he was a Christian. Not the Christian who inherits the moniker because they were born in the West, but the Christian who has seen Jesus Christ as the Son of God and changed his life because of it.

Since Mr. Blair has stepped down as PM, he has been much more outspoken about his Christianity admitting he needed to observe certain "boundaries" as the Prime Minister lest he be viewed as a "nutter".

Blair went on to warn, "that faith is in danger of being seen as a "personal eccentricity" rather than an important influence on the country."

"He also criticised the "ludicrous decisions" that have led to worshippers punished for expressing their beliefs, such as Caroline Petrie, the community nurse who was suspended for two months after offering to pray for an elderly patient, and Jennie Cain, the primary school receptionist who still faces the sack after she asked for spiritual support from friends when her daughter was scolded for talking about Hell in the playground." said the Telegraph.

I've always been a fan of Tony Blair. I got to meet him once in Hong Kong and he is a very warm, genuine and engaging man. I don't always agree with or endorse some of his positions (both politically or theologically) but I also know he is navigating Christianity in waters few Christians have had to swim in.

So kudos to Mr. Blair for publicly proclaiming his belief in Christ in an area of the world where it would be much more popular not to.


BlairSupporter said...

Glad his comments warmed your heart. I wish it had mine. And I am his biggest online fan - or was!

You might want to read what I wrote about his comments the other day, with his full interview. My main issue was his approach to Sharia Law - "a fuss about nothing", he said.

There is not nearly enough fuss about this, imho.

I have always respected Mr Blair's judgement. I though he was a great Prime Minister and a principled leader.

But as a non-believing 'secular Christian' in Britain I am in despair over this.

I feel that I am more protective of Christianity more than Mr Blair is.

See what you thank after reading this:

And then this:

Jon L. said...

Enjoyed listening to Blair's comments. Like you, although I do not agree with all of his political positions over the years, I have a lot of respect for him. Once, when we were visiting Singapore, he came through to learn what he could about their privitized "Soc.Sec" system and "Health Savings Accounty"-type medical system. I respected his willingness to truly consider other options than what the Labour Party stood for. He seems to have the rare combination of eloquence and a demeaner where he doesn't seem to be full of himself.

Concerning the reference in BlairSupporter's link to theocracy and "the respected theologian Dr. Rushdoony": Rushdoony was a fringe theologian who's teachings on theocracy were way outside the mainstream. Very few Christians even know who he was or what he taught; nor would they agree with him.


had never seen this footage before...thank you for sharing it.