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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Life On Mars: Series Finale

Last night Tammy, Gabriel and I watched the series finale of the TV show, "Life on Mars." The final 6 or 7 minutes was a mindbending, thought provoking, ending to the tragically short lived show. I won't give the ending away but encourage you to catch the series off Itunes or when its available on DVD. It will blow your mind!

I found myself thrilled and then angry. Why is it that intelligent, high concept shows get the axe while mind numbing and inane reality shows like American Idol, Wife Swap, and Super Nanny acheive such success? Do I have to remove half my brain to see what the rest of America does in these shows? Is there a place for creative and intelligent TV that doesn't get cancelled?

The TV Addict had a insightful interview with the Life on Mars producers on the difference between shows getting renewed today vs. 20 years ago. They mention that shows like Cheers, Hill Street Blues, and MASH would have been cancelled because it took them sometime to develop their audience. When asked why they they show such devotion to their fans, namely in producing their own 15 minute conclusion to their previously cancelled series, October Road as well as lobbying to conclude Life on Mars they respond, "The one thing that I really truly believe with all my heart, the one thing that all of our fans have in common is that they have impeccable, impeccable taste and they need to be rewarded for that taste!"

Anyhow, I'm going to miss my weekly trip back to 1973. The music was hipper, the cars were cooler, the politics and social mores were edgier. But, I'll always have on Itunes a wonderful 17 episode story that goes out on a high note.


Andrew said...

Ok... I'm gonna download the show. Your description of angst perfectly reflected how I felt about Journeyman getting the ax last year.

angelphish in co said...

Ugh, I couldn't agree more. I didn't watch Life on Mars, but there are so many other shows Chris and I love that are in danger this season and I just don't get it. I think it took a while for even Friends to get off the ground and look how that turned out. *sigh*

Steve H. said...

Kelly, So by not watching LOMars, you contributed to its cancellation...THanks! :)