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Friday, April 24, 2009

Miss USA Controversy

OK, I was REALLY trying to avoid writing about this issue. Not so much as it deals with homosexuality as much as I just felt there were better (and more important) things going on in the world.

But since so much news coverage has been devoted to the controversy, coupled with the fact that even my wife was pressuring me to blog on the issue, I have decided to throw my hat in the to speak!

For anyone living in a cave the last week, the Miss USA contest has been embroiled in a controversy ever since Miss California said it was her personal belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. It's interesting that a statement that would hardly raise an eyebrow in any other place in the world, let alone any time period in recorded human history, would be the reason for her loss.

I must admit, when I first saw the headline, my instant thought was that it was just sour grapes. She lost and she's looking for a reason that will stir some press. Surely you can't lose a beauty contest because you don't agree with homosexual marriage.

Ah, but you can!!

Curiosity got the better of me and I watched some of the follow up news clips. It turns out that Perez Hilton, the openly gay judge who read the question, freely admitted that her position on gay marriage was what swayed not only him, but some of the other judges. The bombastic Hilton went on to say "It was the worst answer in pageant history!" He went on then to call her a "Dumb B*&ch" and later a "C&%t".

The worst answer in pageant history? I have watched the answer a few times now on various news sites and although there may be some small room for improvement (What is opposite marriage?) she was sincere and gracious. She was aware that what she was saying on a very controversial issue was not going to agreed with by many people, including the judges, but she made it a point that her position was not meant to offend.

The same could not be said of her detractors. Besides the foul names leveled against her by Hilton, the representatives of the Miss California pageant have denounced her answer and have chosen to distance themselves from the very person they are supposed to be supporting.

It's ironic to note, and as the MSNBC clip makes a point of, that President Obama, who is embraced by many within the gay community, gave the exact same answer on the campaign trail that Carrie Prejean gave in the pageant; that he believes marriage is between a man and a woman.

One gets to be President of the United States and the other...?

Well, seems she's not fit to win a beauty pageant!


Graves said...

Ironic that you bring our first black President into the topic - since the young woman's comments were/are blatant, out right discrimination and biggotry!
Imagine, if you will, heterosexuality being the non-norm. You being condemed for loving your mate. Being denied marriage. Being kept apart if she were sick, etc.
It's gone beyond the pale alright - it's time to end discrimination of ALL types!
If you need to - take the bible back to it's original language. See how a bunch of closeted priests wrote what they were told - not what was meant.

Steve H. said...

Neal...I can see this is an issue you are very passionate about and I purposely didn't try to make this an anti-gay post as I have a number of gay friends and aquaintances that are very sensative to this issue.

I do feel though this lady got a raw deal and is being treated horrifically. Being called a "dumb b*&^ch"??? Since Barak Obama said the EXACT same thing would Perez Hilton call him a "dumb ni&*&r"??? Of course not. I would bet anything Perez Hilton VOTED for Barack Obama.

The point of the blog was not so much on the issue of homosexual marrige, but is directed at the bad taste of the woman's accusers. least I'm glad someone's reading this thing :)

Graves said...

I do agree - Perez can be an idiot. To say the least. Yes, she is allowed her opinion...but, she's wrong. LOL. Hope the tone of my comment didn't come off beatchy, lol. Like you said - touchy subject.
PS - I have this and your other blogs (as well as, Andy's) on my google reader. Good writing is good writing - and inspiring. Check out my Note on FB.

Bob said...

Great, great post, Steve, and thanks for having the -- well, you know -- to say so. This is a splendid example of political correctness run amok!!!!

This rubbed me the wrong way but it didn't even dawn on me that she said the same thing as Pres. Obama.

Steve H. said...

Neal: Thanks for compliment. I know we may differ on this subject but I appreciate the discussion and your viewpoint.

Bob: Thanks!