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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obamania Withdrawl

This is not really a blog entry. Its just that I thought this video so funny, it deserved to be posted.

Part of my irritation during the presidential campaign was the fanatical Obama supporters who were so zealous for a guy who hadn't done anything. Then turning around and saying Gov. Sarah Palin shouldn't be Vice President because she hadn't done anything. At times, I almost could see Biden and McCain chuckling and talking about the kids behind Palin and Obama's back.

Anyhow, as I've noted in previous posts, I've made my peace and look forward to seeing what an Obama presidency will do for this country.

But for all you glazed eyed, star-struck, Pied Piper, Kool-aid drinking Obama maniacs out there...this vid is for you!!!


Sherry said...

Ha, Ha. I just forwarded this to my sister and brother in law. They will certainly appreciate it.

Thanks for posting it.

angelphish in co said...

Chris showed me that video the other day, hilarious. We saw a funny slogan on a local bumper sticker a few days ago, thought you might enjoy that too:

(where you can buy all sorts of swag with the aforementioned funny slogan. )