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Friday, November 21, 2008

Star Trek

On September 8th, 1966 the country heard a now familiar voice proclaim for the first time, "Space, the Final Frontier...these are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise." Four nights earlier I was born. Yes, I'm as old as Star Trek!!

For geeks my age, Star Trek was our defining show. Growing up in Detroit meant a re-run of the show every Saturday and Sunday night. I collected Star Trek books and used my legos to create an arsenal of phasers for my room. Earlier in my Christian walk I always hoped that while other Christians are having "mansions" prepared for them in heaven, I would be given command of the Starship Enterprise and told to explore the galaxy. (I'm not unconvinced that still might not happen :)

Over the years there have been new Star Trek spin-offs with varying levels of success. But ultimately even the fans started to grow weary of yet another alien race with a funky forehead. The Star Trek franchise was like a vineyard that had been over used. The 2002 film Nemesis , although a good film, failed to hit at the box office. There needed to be a rest to allow a very fertile soil to revive.

Enter director J.J. Abrams who was recruited to re-imagine the original Star Trek series with a young Captain Kirk. I have to admit, I'm excited. Abrams is the man who brought us Lost which is one of my favorite shows. He has a way of focusing on human interaction and development that will make Star Trek a hit.

This week, the new trailer was released and I have very high hopes. There are, however, a couple things in the trailer that give me pause for concern:

1) I hate a lot of CGI. There is a tendency to overuse it. Often less is more (Something George Lucas has NEVER learned) The battle clip in the trailer could look cartoonish if not done right.

2) I don't like the obvious overt sex shown in the trailer. There has always been a subtle "sexiness" in Star Trek with some of the characters but it has always been just that...subtle. Overt sex in Star Trek detracts from the show and brings a crassness that I personally don't want to see.

Having said that though, I am SO looking forward to this movie and to once again "boldly go where no man has gone before."


Paul said...

Oooh, that looks good! Finally, maybe, a decent Star Trek film. I just watched Insurrection again. That featured some thrilling action scenes like watching Riker shave his beard. And there were some hummingbirds flying in slow-motion. What a yawn-fest. Nemesis wasn't bad, but killing Data totally unacceptable.

Andrew said...

I am excited about it. I just hope it isnt a really good sci fi flick that they throw a lot of star trek verbage into. In the end, I want it to be STAR TREK.

Anonymous said...

The trailer shows the Enterprise being assembled on the ground. Any self-repecting (a-hem!) Trekkie knows that she was built in the "San Francisco Fleet Yards" in ORBIT. C'mon Abrams. Do your homework!


Steve H. said...

Chris- Abrams has acknowledged the liberty he took with that very scene, but did it anyway. He mentioned he knew some Trek fans would be upset with him