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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Opinion Polls and "Yes Minister"

Watching the news this week I was realizing again how much our political process is guided and reinforced by "polls"; and how every poll seems to show Obama in a wide lead over John McCain. Now don't get me wrong, McCain is going to lose...and lose big. But it got me thinking about one of my all time favorite British comedies that I literally wear out the DVD's I watch them so much..."Yes, Minister"

Every episode centers around a bumbling but good natured British Minister (and becomes Prime Minister in later episodes) who is guided and manipulated by the civil service and the "system". One scene I love is shows how "balanced" polls can be. Watch this clip, laugh...and then wince knowing its so true.

Oh, and now having taken up my recent position in the education sector, I found the following clip, Yes Prime Ministers' take on education reform, wonderful. Enjoy!


angelphish in co said...

Just in case you're wondering where the heck they are, you left some of your Yes Prime Minister DVDs at Casa Nelson. Don't worry, we'll take good care of them!

Steve H. said...

Good to know they are in safe hands!!

Jon L. said...

Absolutely brilliant! My wife and I used to watch these back in college (along with Good Neighbors).