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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mr. President

I want to be one of the many out there to offer my congradulations to President Obama. I wrote about this more in detail after the election but as I sat here in the middle of China some 8,000 miles from the action I watched as the new President gave a call to sacrifice.

I relish that!

One of the things that disappointed me during the last 8 years was the lack of message on sacrifice given by President Bush. After 9 / 11 we were not told as Americans how we could participate in a concetrated effort to keep America safe and later how we could support the battles being raged in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Instead we were told to spend! "If we stop spending, the terrorists win."

President Obama's speech will not rank in the annuls of Great Speeches. But it was a good speech that called on Americans to give of themselves.

And thats a pretty good start!


Brook said...

for some reason, his speech didn't strike me as particularly noteworthy either when I first heard it, but listening to it again made me realize how good it was. I think there were such high expectations on it that it couldn't help but initially disappoint. Some of it was typical presidential blah blah, but on second and third looks, there were also quite a few parts that struck me as really good and quoteworthy.

Steve H. said...

It was a very solid speech...a good B+ but failed to hit the stratosphere. Thats OK though

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