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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hiking in Hong Kong: Mui Wo to Discovery Bay

Start: At the Ferry Pier
Gabriel and I just finished a Saturday afternoon hike from Mui Wo to Discovery Bay.  For non- Hong Kongers the hike was on Lantau Island (Hong Kong's biggest Island) from the village of Mui Wo over a range of hills into the upscale residential mecca of Discovery Bay.

Along the beach
My son and I are taking more hikes as of late to prepare ourselves for the big "father-son trip" we have planned for next summer when we travel to England to do the Wainwright Coast to Coast Walk.  Like the name suggests, it is a 2 week journey traveling from the west coast of the country starting at the Irish sea and ending up 14 days later in Robin Hoods Bay on the east coast.  More on that in posts to come...

Looking back at Mui Wo
Anyhow, Gabriel and I got our back packs full of water and caught the Park Island ferry downtown to the Central Ferry.  From there, we grabbed the Mui Wo ferry which dumped us off at the pier and the start of our hike.  Mui Wo is rather unique in Hong Kong as the ferry pier there has thousands of bikes parked just outside.  People tend to ride  from their flats and park  at the pier before riding the ferry into the city.  It's probably the only place in Hong Kong where bicycles are a serious form of transportation.

The Trappist Monastery
We paused for a quick breakfast before setting out along the beachfront.  The trail winds around the beach before heading up into the mountains.  We missed that turnoff and had to back track a couple times.
Actually, truth be told I phoned Tammy who gave me navigational directions from some maps I had left up on the computer.

The trail is quite popular as it offers some amazing views - both ascending out of Mui Wo and then later descending into Discovery Bay.  The trail also affords the opportunity to visit the Trappist Monastery, a Roman Catholic establishment known for their dairy production and milk that is available in Hong Kong.  They follow the  Cistercean Order of Observance so they remain very quiet around the grounds.

Space Mountain in background
As Gabriel and I approached the chapel we could hear worshipful chanting.  We approached cautiously not wanting to disturb.  We stood at the entrance for a few moments enjoying the sounds of worship and then turned to continue our journey.  The solace of the moment though was broken by a female hiker who bounded up to the chapel in shorts and sports bra with her belly hanging out. All of our careful attention to not disturb was lost.   It's then you realize that some people will never "get it".  They live in a perpetual fog of their own...stuff... oh well, enough about them.

We continued past the "12 Stations of the Cross" that apparently the monks had erected at points leading up to the monastery.  Gabriel asked me what that was and I was able to explain to him about the stations of the cross and the ritual that people use particularly at Easter time to draw closer to Christ by reflecting on His final day.

At one point Gabriel and I could see Disneyland in the distance.  The tall spiral of Space Mountain could clearly be seen.  We arrived finally in Discovery Bay, and I must admit it has been a long time since I visited there.  I understand why many Westerners in Hong Kong like to make it their home as it certainly caters to the Western taste in food and surroundings.

Gabriel and I grabbed a lunch at Ebeneezer's where we had a lamb curry...and French Fries :)  The plan had been to then walk to Sunny Bay and catch the MTR home from there but we realized we were running short on time and that trail would take at least another 3 we took the bus instead.

Next time...

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Bob said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. Your journey next summer sounds awesome. Look forward to hearing more.