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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why the Republicans need to get behind Romney

Herman Cain is the front runner in the Republican race to the White House despite new charges of sexual harassment leveled against him.  However this week's New Yorker has an article that says, The knowing people who know things in Washington generally believe that, once the electoral process begins in January, Romney will shed Cain, Perry, Bachmann, and the rest in rapid fashion."

Although I don't live in Washington, consider me one of those who "know".

Months ago I was one of those Republicans that were hoping another candidate would get in the race.  Someone that would inspire the party.  There was a quick moment when Rick Perry began his run (and admittedly when I knew nothing about him) that I thought, "Mmm maybe".  Of course then Perry started talking and that potential love affair ended before it got started.
Of course, that got me wondering how this guy got elected Governor of Texas in the first place?  By the way, how does one become Governor of Texas?  State Fair raffle?  Turkey shoot?  I'm starting to wonder...


Herman Cain?  He may be nice... he may be sincere. But, whenever he discusses anything dealing with foreign policy I vacillate between laughter...and well...laughter.   Let him keep making pizzas, its a noble and necessary occupation, but that guy should never be let anywhere near Air Force One.

Michelle Bachmann?  Was never a serious contender.  She could mobilize a particularly robust segment of the party and that got her on the radar...but alas no, Americans are still smart enough to reject the Bachmanns (and Palins for that matter) of the party on the national scale.

And I think that is the fundamental problem right now with the GOP.  They seem to be "getting behind" candidates that have a particular regional appeal, but would never be seriously considered on the national stage.  Michelle Bachmann may be a able to represent Wisconsin's 6th congressional district but do we really think she can transform into the representative of the nation??

And so, my support for Romney has gone up considerably.  He has shown in the debates to rise above the fray and project a potential Mr. President.  As a Republican that managed to get elected of the left leaning State of Massachusetts he has shown he has appeal beyond Republican circles and can capture those crucial independent voters in the general election.

And yet my party seems to be going from one questionable candidate to the other in the hope they won't get stuck having to support Romney.  Even Obama replied recently when asked who he believed his election opponent might be that, "first we should see who gets voted off the Island next." highlighting the comical Reality-TV element of the the process.

Of course the only other candidate I like is Jon Huntsman and he's preparing for 2016 should we see a GOP implosion in 2012.

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Andrew said...

Yeah, I like Huntsman and I always felt he was just getting his name out there for future runs. In fact, if Mitt gets the nod, but loses, that would set Huntsman up awesome for 16. If Mitt lost to Obama, it would be because of Republicans being too slow and meager in their support of him.

I have a skewed view... I am wondering how much his Mormonism bothers the average Christian republican.