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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Starbucks Christmas "Placebo Effect" Moment

Sunday morning before church I met up with some friends at the Starbucks outside Olympic MTR station.  Let me say every November I live for the couple months when Starbucks makes its Christmas Blend coffee available.  No fru-fru drinks for me!  No iced, mocha, soy, decaff, frapaccinos thingies...just black coffee; or this time a year Christmas Blend black coffee in a mug!

 So I was shocked, shocked when the young barista informed me that today they would not be brewing Christmas blend but two other coff... was about this time I zoned out from what she was saying and was trying process this startling revelation. No Christmas blend?  "Please understand," I explained to the young attendant who had no idea she was now in over her head, "but this time of year I make special trips to Starbucks to get my Starbucks Christmas blend coffee"

"I'm sorry sir, but we are not offering the Christmas coffee today." she said again.  I thought for a moment not wanting to be a jerk but REALLY wanting my Starbucks Christmas blend.  I decided to go for the placebo effect!

"Ok," I suggested.  "Here is what we're going to do."  The barista looked at me puzzled.  I continued, "I'm going to ask for a black Grande Christmas Blend coffee in a mug.  Then you're going to fill it with one of the coffees you are brewing today.  When you give it to me, you are going to let me know it's Christmas blend (I paused for the effect)  I'd like to order a black Grande Christmas blend coffee...OK?"

The barista looked confused for just a moment but then smiled and replied, "Yes, Christmas blend grande...I'll get that now."  I turned to talk with my friends for a moment before she indicated my coffee was ready.

"Your Christmas blend coffee sir" she smiled at me as she passed the mug. (Was that a wink she gave me?)

"Thank you" I smiled back taking the steaming hot mug from her.

Ah, Starbucks Christmas blend coffee...nothing better this holiday season!

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